Vinhos Certificados dos Açores by CVRAçores
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Quality Policy



The CVRAçores , expresses its commitment to contribute to the prestige of the diffusion of the wines of the Azores and greater satisfaction of all stakeholders , such as consumers, suppliers, institutions and economic agents related to the activity of CVRAçores .

To ensure this commitment the EC CVRAçores establishes the following principles:

  • Focus on the interests of the region and the certification requirements .
  • efficient and effective application of the established certification methodologies.
  • Guarantee a level of service that meets permanently certification system customers and their expectations , looking for the continuous improvement of its effectiveness.
  • Permanent application by all staff of the guidelines set out in the documentation of this management system and in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO / IEC 17065 .



Quality Objectives



  • Work in close relationship with the Economic Agents in the region or the cooperative sector , whether private or public.
  • Making of Economic Agents the " business partners " , collaborating and assisting in the promotion of jobs and distribution of its wines.
  • Minimize image CVRAçores as a mere body controller, supervising and disciplining .
  • Guarantee the authenticity and quality of certified wines , according to the accredited procedures.