Vinhos Certificados dos Açores by CVRAçores
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For the Commission to the Regional Viticulture (CVRAçores) the protection and defense of origin "Cookies", "Graciosa" and "Peak" and geotagging "Azores", certifying and guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of the produced wine products.

It is also incumbent on CVRAçores:

a) To proceed with the registration and classification of vines intended to produce wines with the DO and IG;

b) determine when it deems appropriate, as may be deemed necessary modifications and improvements, with a view to hygiene and the improvement of manufacturing or inspection efficiency;

c) ensure the analytical examination of the wine products made in official laboratory or recognized as such, and organoleptic examination to be carried out by a tasters chamber;

d) Perform wine testing through own wine stations, or associations, up inter or official bodies;

e) control and supervise all wine products entitled to DO and IG;

f) issue certificates of origin, seals and waybills;

g) To receive and control the declarations of production and handling of products based on current accounts;

h) To promote the dissemination of wine products;

i) ensure that the DO and IG prestige in the regional market, domestic and foreign and combat misuse;

j) Propose and collaborate in the development of conversion and wine restructuring programs;

l) Collaborate in the definition of intervention actions of wine and wine products of the region.